Debussy: Can you learn to play classical piano pieces with it?

Learning to play classical music like any other profession can be challenging at the onset. However, you can master the art if you persist. Start by learning how to play the piano and how to read music scores and practice continuously. Since classical music can go fast and then slow, while playing, you must have correct posture — relaxed shoulders, and position your fingers on the piano properly with hands resting on your knees.

Claude Debussy was born in France in 1862 and died in 1918. He is considered an entertainer whose classical piano music genius is comparable to Monet or Renoir. Debussy produced striking classical music that arouses varying feelings and images as you listen. Some professional musicians trace the inspiration of current music to Debussy’s music. Let’s explore learning to play classical music at the piano and examples of games developed using Debussy music as soundtracks.

What are Music Scores and The Types?

A music score is a form of musical composition in a script or published piece, whose parts represent different instruments appearing on distinct (staff) staves. Also, the staff is the starting point of music notation showing the pitch, chords, rhythms of music containing a single work or a collaboration of compositions.

Besides learning to play the classics or any music at the piano involves mastering the piano and a careful study of the music scores. Examples of musical scores or notations on sheet music include staff, treble clef, alto clef, tenor clef, bass and treble clef staves, sharp sign, and flat sign.

You also have a repeat sign, bold double bar line, double bar line, triplet, simple meter, compound meter, quarter note, and Dotted half note.

Computer Games developed using Debussy Music as soundtracks

Here are inspirational games featuring Debussy compositions for learning how to play classical music at the piano.

The Evil Within

The maker of the Resident Evil series also created The evil within. This game is a journey marked by threatening ghosts and monsters. As these horrifying ghosts are on the screen, Claude Debussy’s music Claire de Lune plays ushering the player on to safety.

While you are playing this nerve-wracking game with death hanging gloomily in the air, the sound of Debussy’s classical music is a signal that you can save your game.

The Untitled Goose Game

House developed this game called Untitled Goose Game using six of Debussy’s Preludes. It is playable via Mac and Windows PCs and Nintendo Switch. The game is a crafty joke that starts with the player assuming the awful goose role. That goose will destroy a beautiful English Village.

Also, Claude Debussy’s music Prelude provides a hint of the thought and next action of the Goose. The piano music plays softly and reaches a crescendo when the Goose is causing a problem or silently approaching its next target. The game reaches a head when the Goose escapes with the Gardner’s keys. Consequently, the gardener tries to get the keys back. The classical piano piece concludes with some encouragement for the player to continue with the mischiefs.

We discussed what a score is and types and the two games that feature Debussy’s music. Can you learn to play classical piano pieces with Debussy? Yes, if you practice regularly. Are there easier ways to learn classics at the piano that you know?